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Zucchini and Bacon Scrambled Eggs Recipe

I made this last night when we didn’t have much time for dinner, but wanted something tasty and healthy for dinner. It makes enough scrambled eggs for a family of four. Ingredients: 7 x Eggs 1/4 cup of Water 2 x shredded/grated Medium Zucchinis 1/2 diced Capsicum / Bell Pepper 1 x diced Brown Onion […]

Quick and Easy Banana Apple Muffin Recipe

This is one of our kid’s favourite muffin recipes. I quite regularly include it in my kids school lunch boxes. It’s a fun recipe for the kids to help prepare as well. If cooking with young kids I find it best to cut up the apples before they start to help. Ingredients: 2 x Apples […]

Easy Chinese Fried Rice Recipe

This is a family favourite that can be cooked quickly and varied a lot depending on what vegetables and meat are available in the house. Ingredients: 3 – cups cooked rice (4 – cups is probably better, but we only have a 3 – cup rice cooker) 1 – cup frozen peas 1 – cup […]